How ironic that it was a year ago to the day we were sitting down with members of Congress and the Alphabet boys to make the argument that #Bitcoin is a strategic national asset and should be embraced with a ‘regulatory lite’ hands-off approach.

The currents this week have been monstrous. If you watch Entertainment TV like MSNBC or CNN, you probably missed the groundswell that is shaking capital markets.

A battalion of decentralized ants known as #WallStreetBets aka #TheRedditArmy has been giving traditional hedge funds and Wall Street brokers a taste of their own medicine.

And because we live in a world where free markets and free speech is a delicate illusion, the sudden recognition by millions on both sides of the political spectrum that we ‘exist’ at the behest of our masters has been a powerful, red pill.

The bigger story is the kleptocrats and cartels cutting off access to communications, markets and information to protect the privileged few at the expense of the many. It’s a continuation of the groundswell that led to Trump’s election and the anger brewing over the “fixed” nature of the political and economic system (crony capitalism, dollar debasement, etc).

By shutting down access to FB, Twitter, Amazon, Robin Hood, those in charge are doing everything they can to dampen these emergent, distributed networks.

The #Gamestop #RobinHood fiasco is just the latest skirmish exposing the deep corruption across the board in our society — social media, publishing, news media, elections, payment platforms, commerce, and now the market. Systems are rigged to protect the elite and promote their own agenda. The unwashed, uppity masses have learned how the game is played, turned the tables on the powerful, and the elites don’t like it.

What’s inevitable at this point is the war between freedom loving, sovereign men and women who support Constitutional American principles and the authoritarian jackals who want to control us will continue.

What’s clear to forecasters like me who have written and invested based on the above trends for the last 5 years, is that Bitcoin has been the canary in the coal mine for all of this.

It is the only censorship-resistant, trustless asset/store of value that exists outside of the legacy system.

I hope and pray it’s ready for prime time. Because the totalitarian wolves and their media propagandists are coming to try to shackle and destroy it.

And if they’re successful, it’s not hyperbole to say humanity, and liberty as we know it — is finished. #HODL #BTC #DiamondHands #Sovereign #Liberty #Decentralized #Freedom

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