Elon Musk Breaks Clubhouse

Elon Musk appeared on #Clubhouse last night later than most sane people stay up (began at 1amEST).

Clubhouse is an audio only chat app that lets people come together for moderated conversations on different topics. It’s unique and has value, although the key to long term traction (and utility) will be strategically separating the signal from the noise (of which there is plenty).

For those that missed and are curious, here’s a summary:

“It will not be luxurious.” — on living on Mars. Considers a colony there much more of a last resort to keep humanity alive, as life there would be very difficult, especially for early pioneers.

AI is progressing quickly. Musk wants to find a way to increase the speed at which humans and computers interact to help those with paralyzing injuries, such as using a neural link. His start-up, actively works on this.

“I am late to the party but I support Bitcoin. I don’t have a strong opinion on other currencies. I sometimes make jokes about dogecoin, but those are just..jokes.”

It is significant and inevitable that one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in the world admits to being late to the #orangepilland #Bitcoin party, but is now assuredly a supporter of it as it gains traction and acceptance in the financial world.

“He who controls the memes controls the universe” — Musk considers memes to be more impactful than pictures and finds many of them insightful. This is consistent with the memetic warfare trends I’ve spoken about.

“An avalanche of vaccines is coming” — Believes vaccines will be massively rolled out this year and supports this. Musk believes Tesla could produce a massive quantity of the vaccines given the opportunity.

Musk went on to interview Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood. Tenev defended his actions stating that #Robinhood ran out of capital to put up and claimed they should be in better operating condition by Monday. Nothing new or valuable in this exchange. Robinhood still faces severe trading limits on buying volatile stocks, such as #GME #SLV #Tesla and #AMC

Hope this provided some value. At a minimum, I just saved you two hours….